Terms and Conditions
Apply to the business relationship between the customer and Seidig Seifen UG - also for future business - the following General Terms and Conditions as amended.
Conditions shall only be valid if they are confirmed in writing by Seidig Seifen UG.
§ 1 Conclusion of the contract
The presentation of goods on the internet shop is not a binding offer for the conclusion of the Anbierters a contract of sale, the customer will only be required to submit an order through an offer.
Before clicking the Buy button, the customer has the opportunity to review its data and to detect any input errors and possibly correct.
By clicking the "Buy" the customer submits a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract for the goods listed on the order page from. By submitting the order, the customer accepts these terms and conditions as the legal relationship with the seller alone prevail.
The provider confirms receipt of the customer's order by sending a confirmation email. This Betsellbestätigung not yet accepting the contract offer They serve only to inform the customer that the order is received by the provider. The declaration of acceptance of the offer made usually within two days after the offer by delivery of the goods or an explicit declaration of acceptance by e-mail, fax or letter.
For the contract is exclusively for the German language.
The contract text is not stored by us. However, through the print function of your browser, you have the option of printing the contract text. Through the "Save" function of your browser you also have the option to save the contract text on your computer.
§ 2 Right of withdrawal
You have a legal right to cancel, please read this under right under.
§ 3 Delivery
Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is from stock to the delivery address specified by the purchaser.
A delivery is usually two working days of order.
§ 4 due date, payment and default
The purchase price is payable immediately without deduction of a discount with your order. If the buyer defaults, Seidig Seifen UG is entitled to interest at the rate of 5% above the discount rate prevailing
the Bundesbank to demand. If Seidig Seifen UG a higher default damage detectable Seidig Seifen UG is entitled to claim it.
§ 5 Off and Retention
A right of set-off or retention is the buyer only if his claims are legally established or recognized by Seidig Seifen UG.
§ 6 Retention of title
Until full settlement of all claims against the purchaser remains the property of the goods Seidig Seifen UG.
§ 7Gewährleistung
The warranty claims of the customer shall be governed by the statutory provisions.
§ 8 Privacy Policy
Personal data of customers are charged only in the context of the laws of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Teleservices Data Protection Act (). Seidig Seifen UG the data used for business to the buyer. To this end, Seidig Seifen UG also reserves the right to assess the creditworthiness of our customers through an external service provider to hedge the credit risk. Companies may only befriended our customers send their interesting offers.
The modification or deletion of personal data is possible at any time via email to info@SeidigSeifen.de.
Please also note the special rules on data protection under our privacy policy.
§ 9 Applicable law and jurisdiction
German law applies to the exclusion of the CISG. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for contracts with merchants is the headquarters of Seidig Seifen UG.
Seidig Seifen UG is entitled to sue at the court of jurisdiction. Moreover, the legal jurisdiction applies.
§ 10 return costs
If the customer makes use of his right of withdrawal, he shall bear the cost of returning the goods if the delivered goods ordered corresponds and if the price returned the case of an amount not exceeding 40 euros or if at a higher price the thing at the time the revocation has not yet paid the consideration or a contractually agreed part payment.