Crucible 100 ml purple 

Made in Europe PET pot 100% recycled 

"PETR" is obtained by recycling bottles and other PET packaging. The material is thoroughly cleaned and shredded and then processed into recycled PET pellets from which new PET containers are made. 

PET substitution with PETR allows: 

- Reduce CO2 emissions by 52% 

- Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions 

- Save energy: The production of recycled PET products saves up to 60% energy compared to the production of new PET 

-Conservation of non-renewable resources: Primary PET is produced from nonrenewable natural resources that are becoming increasingly scarce. Guaranteeing a second life for this PET is an environmentally responsible action that we have decided to reduce our carbon footprint and offer you environmentally friendly bottles. 

The size is 70/400 (70: outer diameter of the opening of the pot neck in mm - 400: European standard for the height of the neck of the short ring pot) 

On all crucibles, the covers offered by us fit in white and black. 

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Crucible 100 ml purple

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