Our Deo cream is made without alcohols and without aluminum or aluminum salts. Due to its composition, the deodorant does not inhibit perspiration but prevents the odor by preventing the odor-producing bacteria from reproducing. The deodorant, from the can, is simply spread evenly under the armpit with your finger. Each side is enough for a lens-sized piece. You are welcome to keep the deodorant warm, but the addition of water should be avoided. The actual declaration can be found on the product. One can contains 80 ml. The refill is a foil package with 80 ml content. To refill, proceed as follows, on the bottom of the container, the round lid must be lifted the feed must be turned back to the starting position Wash out the container with warm water and dry thoroughly. Dry inside as well as you can heat the refill in a water bath to approx. 45 °, do not cook and do not heat in the microwave! cut open the topper at one corner and pour the contents into the container. Let the deodorant cool down and close the container again

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Deodorant cream

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